How to Brand Your New Website

There is so much work that goes into creating a brand. Choices like colors, logos, graphics, fonts, social media, tone of content, web design, ect. are all ingredients in your brand. You have to have a firm grasp on the look and feel you are putting out and understand how even the smallest choice can affect the amount of success you see. Thats why PR firms are paid millions of dollars to handle this for their clients.

Here are some basic things you can do to establish your brand…

Decide your colors

Colors have deep ties to the human psyche. Odds are the market you are apart of has some colors that are established. It would be wise to start with some research into the choices your competition made with colors and go from there.

I send my clients to to choose the color scheme for their site.  It is a great resource for inspirations, in terms of color.

Large Blog ImageDevelop Your logo

I wrote a post that tackles this subject earlier this year…

Many people get stuck at the beginning with their logo design. When it comes to this the sky really is the limit on the different directions you could go. However, not every path is a successful one. There are key questions that business owners should consider before posting a new logo all over the place to represent their brand. [Read more about logos]

60 minute mastermind callStrategic use of graphics to brand your new website

A good graphic designer is like “weapon X” for your marketing arsenal. They know how to lead a visitors attention to a specific area on your website. They know the colors that work well as “call to action” items. Understanding what performs best in your market and staying on top of latest trends is a big part of their job.

There are a few design sites that I follow to be ahead of the curve for clients. [Design Milk, Design Shack, Design Taxi]

If you are looking for a designer, you can always try Craigslist, Linkedin, and fiverr. Then again, I hear this is an amazing page to find a designer.

A Stunning Font

Not all fonts are created equal. some are awful (Comic Sans, Times). Some are beautiful. A font is a curious thing. It can be like a beautiful car or powerful truck. It has a unique form and yet it is meant to communicate (much like art work). Emotion is why the choice you make with your font is important. The font you choose for your headings, (possibly) your Logo and body will influence the way people feel every time they see it.

Choose wisely. 

The Best Social Media Networks

The networks represented above are not necessarily the best. However, I like them.

There are some must have Social Media networks that you should have an account that represents your brand. There are some that are popular but are not needed. I tell all my client to start dedicated pages on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+.

These days Facebook is a given if you want to be apart of the conversation. Twitter is for those who do not have the attention span for Facebook. Linkedin is all business. Finally, Google+ is for all those who quit Facebook and meant it (for like a month). Much of the action is on these 4 networks. However there are other sites that may serve you much better. Sites like Instagram, Pinterist, Soundcloud, Deviant Art, Reddit, and several others are great examples of where you may find your avatar on a regular basis.

There is a key to branding on any of theses sites. When granted the opportunity to decorate your dedicated page, make sure it is clear that all the pages are clearly using the same style graphics, slogans, fonts, logos. You visitor should never question if your Facebook page is operated by the came people as your Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and so on….

Be consistent with your message and style across all your accounts.

Mind Your Tone

Lets say you post nothing but cat videos on your Facebook page, political rants on your twitter page and super personal pictures on your Instagram page. Even if your avatar love cat videos (who doesn’t?) and leans far left or right politically, they will still be confused what the purpose of your business or cause is as they go from one social network to the next. Be consistent and (possibly) professional with your message. Set expectations with one type of content on one network and maintain those expectations on your other networks as well. Feel free to vary your content, but do it in a way that is consistent.

Your Website is your Mothership

In a perfect world all content that hits your social networks should be shared from your website. This means that content does not originate on the social media network, it is merely shared there to draw traffic to your site. This is why it is important for your branding to be consistent across all your Social network pages. They are like satellite offices to your website’s home office.

I hope these tips help brand your new website across the internet. Please keep in mind that the internet is a fluid beast. Although what works today may be shunned tomorrow, the techniques that these practices are based on have been proven successful way before the internet was a thing.

I would love you hear your feedback in the comments below

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