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Working with a diverse group of passionate entrepreneurs can be fun and demanding. These people come to me with a vision of what they want to achieve and I work with them to make it happen. At Learn to Blog, I was brought in to create a design side of the business. I was very new to WordPress and its culture of designers developers and marketers. However I was very intrigued by how active this WordPress community is.

With each new Client I was introduced to professions, products and specialities that were also new to me but there was a common bond that held these people together. They wanted their unique voice to be heard and represented in a way that spoke to their demographic.

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They needed a platform.

I start every new client off with a questionnaire that lets me get familiar with their goals as well as organize all of the technical information that they need to use for their site. Once I received the questionnaire I would create a project management workspace on It was here that I would post their questionnaire and begin to create a framework for their site structure. I would request any digital assets that they want to use for their site, ask them to compose a few posts for the launching of the site and begin to build their site from a theme that was developed from research.

Below you will find a few screen shots of sites that resulted from this program:

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[su_service title=”Also…” icon=”icon: info-circle”]Keep in mind that this was a specific set up that these clients purchased and after I hand the site over to them, they are free to edit anything they like. [/su_service]

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