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First Job as a Professional Designer


After I graduated College I moved to Phoenix, AZ to start my career as a designer. For several months I was working as a Server/ Bartender At Olive Garden in Mesa, AZ before I interviewed at Apartment Guide for an Asst. Art Director position. I am pretty sure I couldn’t articulate then how amazing I felt to be Working as a professional designer. I had my own office, Mac Pro and view of Phoenix.

I had the honor of working with some incredible people. Scott Kasallis, my supervisor and Art Director for our publication was not only a great guy to work with but an incredible teacher. I learned so much about working for a team of highly motivated and talented sales executives. Over all I would say it was a very positive experience and I miss many of the great people I got to work with. Although I may have never expressed it, you will always mean a great deal to me.

Here are a few action shots of my former coworkers


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While I was working at Apartment guide I was encouraged to really spread my wings as often as possible. We would have monthly national creative calls to discuss whatever was going on. On these calls I would get to hear from Art directors for Apartment Guide from Across the country. We would have ad contests and teach each other tips and tricks. Most of the time I look forward to these special calls.

Most of my career was spent creating and editing standard insertion ads that functioned as a full page basic listing for apartments the Greater Phoenix Area. I have to mention that I have always been atrocious at spelling and editing these types of ads was where I pretty much consistently sucked at work. However, The other type of ads were much more fun to create. We were usually given a lot of freedom to create whatever we felt would represent the property in the best light.

These are a few of the ads I created for Apartment complexes while working for Apartment Guide.

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